Dr. Burgdorfer the discoverer of Lyme Disease for whom the spirochete was named after as Borellia Burgdorferi, recommended INVIVE Silver against Lyme Disease at a conference in Vancouver, Canada over 20 years ago

Over 500 M.D.s were at that conference, and Dr.Burgdorfer’s recommendations were and have been ignored to this day. The Doctors did “NOT” discount the MSP (Mild Silver Protein) Silver, but claimed/told Dr. Burgdorfer that they had better and more targeted drugs. To which Dr. Burgdorfer replied: Your supposed better and targeted drugs have resulted in/caused the pathogenic mutated nightmare world of today, because silver kills the pathogens instantly and completely, and silver does not allow the pathogens to mutate, while your drugs CAUSE mutations by allowing pathogens to survive though wounded, and thereby mutate and develop resistance to your drugs, causing drug resistant strains. E.g.: MRSA Methicillin-aminoglycoside resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA An organism with multiple antibiotic resistances–E.g.: aminoglycosides, chloramphenicol, clindamycin, erythromycin, rifampin, tetracycline, streptomycin, cephalosporin.

We wouldn’t have this abx (antibiotic) resistant nightmare world, if the FDA had not taken away the silver from us when biased clerks at the FDA in 1938 took control of/took over our Food and Drug Supply.

NOTE: This Protocol must be followed exactly as written. Any deviation may result in a possible failure.

NOTE: For Chronic long-term Lyme Disease, this Protocol may have to be followed for 3-9 months. Definitely 3 months

NOTE: Invive Silver 5000 ppm is the only silver empirically proven to substantiate this protocol


  1. 5 cc per 30 lbs. body weight is the daily total dosage, and is the “target dosage”.
  2. There are 5 cc in a measuring teaspoon.
  3. A 120 lb. person would take 120 lbs. divided by 30 lbs.= 4 teaspoons per day
  4. It is taken in 4 divided doses. Which means 1 tsp. every 6 hours.
  5. You may use a measuring teaspoon which is 5 cc, (do not use unknown serving teaspoons).
  6. Inside the Silver Canister that the Silver Bottle arrives in, there is a Medical Graduated 1 ounce measuring cup for Medical Purposes graduated in cc and ml.
  7. Store the silver bottle in its canister always and keep it in a dark cupboard out of the light, because it is light sensitive like photographic film, and will be stressed by light.
  8. It can be boiled or frozen, BUT not exposed to light for over 1 minute when taken from its bottle.
  9. There are 118.291 cc/ml (round to 120 as extra is put in each bottle) = 4 oz. fl. U.S. in each bottle.
  10.  For a 120 lb. person take 4 teaspoons in total daily (per 24 hours) as a minimum dosage.
  11. Do NOT swallow. Hold silver sublingually under your tongue for 120 seconds. So that the silver will go into your bloodstream like an IV the same as a Nitroglycerin pill does to stop a heart attack.
  12. After 120 seconds: Gently swallow slowly the secretions of the mouth. After 120 seconds “slowly” swallow to allow further absorption via your esophagus. Do NOT expiate/spit out the silver. Therefore, swallow slowly any remaining after 120 seconds.
  13. Maintain a “Steady State” of Silver in your bloodstream by taking 5 cc every 6 hours, as this is necessary to kill the spirochetes every time they come out in the bloodstream from a sequestered area.
  14. We can reach the sequestered areas that the spirochetes hide in, due to coating with protein of the silver particle, with said coating slowly washing off like a time release, then releasing the silver ions, thus allowing this INVIVE silver to reach the sequestered areas of where the spirochetes are hiding. This coating provides a time release methodology for eradication of the spirochetes in sequestered areas.
  15. A Hot Bath for 40 minutes in the bathtub at 104 degrees, is mandatory.
  16. Purchase a $9 indoor/outdoor cord probe thermometer
  17. The hot 104-degree F. water expands the tiny capillary blood vessels, allowing silver to reach tissue areas where the Lyme spirochete is sequestered and hard to eradicate.
  18. Stay in tub for 40 minutes (without adding more hot water to heat up the tub) as this allows the water to cool down to 94 degrees F., so that you do not sweat when you get out of tub. Read a book, or meditate etc., to maximize benefit by your time in the tub.


  • 20 minutes “before” tub bath, imbibe/drink 4oz of citric juice, either orange or grapefruit juice —this allows the silver nano particles to cross over the blood brain barrier in case there is neurological involvement and inflammation which there usually is.
  • 1 minute before getting in tub, take a dosage of 5 cc of silver (1teaspoon)

Additional Facts:

 Must drink ½ of your body weight of Distilled Water in total DAILY, to prevent a “possible” Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction due to the release of toxins from the dying spirochetes.

  1.  All humans should imbibe/drink ½ their weight in ounces of water every day, even if they do not have Lyme Disease. We are all dehydrated and should be taught better.
  2. Treat until asymptomatic
  3. Then without pause, treat 1 more month to make sure that you have eradicated all the spirochetes.

Wholesale Cost of Silver 5000 ppm:

$539.94 (?) monthly per 6 pack of 4 oz. Bottles- 24 teaspoons in one 4 oz, bottle = 1 Bottle lasts 6 days