Dr. Philip Princetta

Dr. Philip Princetta – Advanced Health Care


To help people reach their optimum health so they in turn reach their fullest potential in life

I will:

  • Always do right by the patient
  • Never give up
  • Study the problem(s) extensively
  • Treat every patient as the unique individual they are
  • Test more when needed
  • Give honest hope and encouragement
  • Tell the truth
  • Look for progress not perfection
  • Be Patient…..

My position and goals:

  • I do not do what I do because it is a job-I see it as an honorable appointment
  • To provide clear, accurate and practical tools to motivate you to take responsibility when it concerns their health and well-being.
  • Offer solutions not illusions.  Not a quick fix but a permanent  fix
  • I only commit to those who commit to their health
  • I believe passion determines action—I have plenty of passion
  • My job is not to take you off any drug because I did not put you on it to begin with.
  • My goal is health so you no longer need the drugs

The Miracle is already inside of you—**maybe another miracle brought you here

My Call to Action:

  • Take your power back when it comes to your health
  • Take the time to look around the patient resources & benefit from reading the information

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Dr. Philip Peter Princetta
Chiropractic Physician/Health Educator/Consultant