When was the last time that your doctor spent an hour and a half, two hours or longer of quality healing time with you?

Unless you’ve been to see Dr. Princetta, I’m betting  the answer is NEVER.

I’ve been a patient of Phil’s for 26 years, and have watched the scope of his practice expand from chiropractic and nutritional counseling to that of a total wellness practice.

Phil is not only the most gifted healer that I’ve ever worked with, but he’s someone who cares deeply about his patient’s well-being.

Over the years he’s become my primary healthcare consultant, and someone that I consider a dear friend.

If you’re looking for a doctor who listens and cares, has incredible skill, and is a true healer, then go see Dr. Princetta.  I promise that you’ll be glad you did.

– Craig Whitley

Acworth, Georgia

I was 34 when I first met Dr Philip Princetta. I was working as a Sous Chef and hurt my back lifting. The pain was unbearable. I could not sit stand lie down or work.

A friend suggested that I go to see a young Doctor in Midtown Atlanta. She said “Phil will fix you” simple as that.

As I approached his office I almost wept, as there was a long flight of stairs to climb to the office door. It took me 15 minutes to make it up. I was a mess.

Once in the office a tall handsome man with a beautiful smile greeted me. Immediately I felt hopeful. After the first time on the adjustment table my back felt better. The pain subsided and with follow up treatment that week I was able to return to work.

That was the start of my road to wellness and the co creative journey to optimum health and quality of life I have shared with Dr Princetta for the past 25 years.

I must say he is unique in his commitment to the well being of his patients on this my heartfelt testimony is backed up by a quarter of a century of well being while under his care.

The beauty of Dr Princetta’s work is that it is truly individualized. Each appointment brings me a wealth of insight, healing knowledge that is all about me, the patient on the table.

In an age and time where Doctors give each patient their 10-20 minutes for an office visit Dr Princetta spends at least an hour often more to ask the questions and get the answers I need to maintain my well being. He is always there for me to ask questions and get answers and to consult whenever I need. Returning my phone calls and e-mails and putting full measure of his talent and commitment to my health. In my humble opinion he is a gift to the healing Arts and a true blessing to this patient.

I am now 59 and blessed with good health. I am certain the reasons are simple. I have regular visits with Dr Princetta. I follow the protocols that I receive at each visit to the best of my ability committed to the work of staying healthy. I take the work seriously and with gratitude.

In many ways the healing process is a spiritual journey for me. In the light of that I feel a genuine communion with Dr Princetta as he has helped me to claim and maintain my birthright of good health. It is a gift to know him and my life is enriched and  I am delighted to offer this testimonial as one of his patients and friend.

In Peace,

– Rona Malika Robins

Decatur, Georgia

We have known Dr. Philip Princetta for over ten years.  We met him when one of our sons, who was a college athlete and our daughter, a young adult were having serious physical symptoms.  After trying the medicine route with no success, we were told about Dr. Princetta.  We immediately arranged for our son and daughter to visit with Dr. Princetta.  As a result of Dr. Princetta’s treatments, both children recovered quickly.

Our entire family has received treatment for individual problems, as well as, visiting Dr. Princetta several times a year to maintain good health.  Subsequently, we do not take medication.

Dr. Princetta works tirelessly to help his patients with any health problem.  He spends many hours searching for information to help each patient.  We are very grateful for his help and concern.

–  Rod and Susan Wilkin

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dr. Philip Princetta has been my personal healer, nutrutionist, and friend for over 25 years.  He is my go to person for all things concerning my health and healing.  Yes, I have an allopathic practitioner who orders blood work and tests to measure whats happening to my body since the insurance industry requires that as the gateway.  Then I give those test results to Dr. Princetta and he works his magic.  He is a master at finding and researching products throughout the world that have the finest and most appropriate ingredients that can help me in maintaining balance and homeostasis.
Since moving to Oregon in 2015 I can no longer partake in our bi-monthly personal office visits (which were an inticate part of my healing program in San Diego).  However, I can still make phone or computer appointments with him.  (Check his website for current fees for his various services).
We are partners in my healing process.  However, I am the master of my health.  Therefore, I am diligent in keeping myself balanced and informed.  In other words, I walk the talk.
– Linda Henning (born in 1940) currently 81 and radiantly alive


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