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                      Dr. P’s PHIL-OSOPHY

At the onset of the office visit, the first statement made by me is “are we centered and clear to do God’s work”. This is an opening statement to address the fact the session we are about to have does not come from me nor you but instead from a higher source whose only directive is YOUR well-being. If you don’t want to call the source God, then don’t.  Just know however addressed,  “IT” is always ready to serve you.  Your request is honored just by showing up-being present. The only requirement is believing in it. I have always maintained the “Secret to Healing is the Power of Belief”. Doubt/Fear is negative Belief/Faith positive!

My philosophy of work in Chiropractic Functional Medicine is based on the principle of what I define as creative wellness. Don’t get sick to begin with! The beginning of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s etc. begin years if not decades before the first symptoms appears. Regrettably, once the first symptoms do appear, and with the exception of Divine Providence and Faith, it is almost always too late.

So often in my 40-year practice, have I witnessed mega doses of “BS” in natural healthcare let alone standardized orthodox medicine.  Visits with me are about moving your energy field forward.  I weed through the forest of “BS” to provide clear accurate accountable solutions without illusions. Those solutions may involve state of the art recommendations including standard orthodox medicine if that is what it takes to get from step A to step B. They may also involve doing nothing but relaxation. The single most important factor in my practice is to be able to deliver the results I know I can deliver as long as you are willing to partner with me.

So never forfeit an appointment with me because you feel so good and think there is not a need.  Instead make the appointment because you are feeling better than ever.


  • Empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and the health of their families on a mental, spiritual and physical level with the full intention of educating them on how to maintain it.


  • Always Speak the Truth
  • Treat every patient as the unique individual they are
  • Make sure suggestions/recommendations are “doable” for patient’s lifestyle
  • Provide honest hope and encouragement
  • Look for progress not perfection
  • Always do right by the patient

I am aware what I do is an honorable appointment for which I am grateful

**The Miracle is already inside of you—**maybe another miracle brought you here

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