Magnifical is a revolutionary mineral and herbal complex that holds tremendous potential in the field of anti-aging medicine. It is designed to provide magnesium and other nutrients that are critical to healthy heart function and to provide outstanding support for strong bones and teeth.

Most importantly, Magnifical contains nutrients that are known to support the transport and utilization of calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone where it belongs.

Thinning of bones (demineralization) and corresponding calcification of soft tissues is
one of the benchmarks of the aging process. The leaching of calcium and other minerals
from the bones in order to maintain blood pH and neutralize acid wastes caused by our
carbohydrate laden diet catches up with us in the form of osteoporosis, cardiovascular
disease, hormonal imbalances and a multitude of other ailments. To learn more about
the critical role that bone health ‘plays in the aging process, go to our website and read
the published article, “Strong Bones – The Ultimate Anti-Aging Strategy”.

The need for calcium and magnesium supplementation is well established today, but
typical Cal/Mag products (with their poorly absorbed mineral forms presented in the
wrong ratios) are woefully inadequate. In fact, long term consumption of excessive
calcium can lead to a buildup in the urinary tract, gall bladder (kidney and gall stones),
arteries or other internal organs.

Rather than introducing massive quantities of poorly absorbed calcium into the body in hopes of it being assimilated and properly excreted (which is what modern and even alternative medicine is doing), Magnifical seeks to regulate calcium metabolism itself.

Therefore, those who understand how the body uses bone minerals to regulate various body systems are recognizing Magnifical as The Ultimate Anti-Aging formula!

Magnifical has been specially developed with natural source minerals in their most
highly absorbed forms to provide the body with easy access to the critical nutrients
necessary for bone growth and repair. In order to maximize dietary calcium absorption
and utilization, multiple forms of magnesium are combined ‘with zinc, strontium and
boron. Vitamin 86 (together with magnesium) is said to inhibit the precipitation of excess
calcium out of body fluids, thus retarding the formation of stones.

The average American is getting about 800 mg of calcium per day from their diet, so
mega dosing with calcium (especially poorly absorbed forms like carbonate) is not
necessary as long as sufficient magnesium is being consumed. Calcium carbonate
(which is what is used in the vast majority of calcium supplements) is only about ten per
cent bio-available because it is not water soluble. So if you take 1500 mg of calcium
carbonate you are only getting 150 mg of calcium at best. Magnifical is designed to
enhance the absorption and appropriate utilization of calcium in the body, driving
calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone.

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