Arden’s Vaginal Douche

Arden’s Vaginal Douche

I have been recommending Arden’s Douche Powder for over twenty years in clinical practice. It is an extremely effective, safe, and easy to use treatment for a plethora of vaginal issuers including yeast infections

The benefits of the powder can be attributed to the antifungal properties of the essential oils of eucalyptus, and thyme as well as from boric acid which in and by itself was used for douching way back when. The menthol crystals provide quick relief from itching and burning. Methyl salicylate reduces painful discomfort and the alum has astringent properties which help to draw infection from local tissues. Arden’s Vaginal Powder supports a normal vaginal Ph of 3.8-4.2.

Douching with Arden’s is clean and simple. Although suppositories or creams may be quicker t insert, they are not as effective as bathing the entire vaginal area with the treatment. If done correctly, a douche solution is not as messy as other methods of treatment

I recommend  patients to use the above douche kit which is also available through Vital Nutrients, . This kit holds a single pint of fluid and is easy to clean and is reusable.

My general recommendations for using Arden’s Powder are:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Arden’s Powder in 1 pint of warm water
  • Fill the douche apparatus (Tiny Kit) with the solution and gently insert the nozzle into the vagina. This can be done in the shower or on the toilet
  • Squeeze the bag so that the solution runs into the vagina. The solution will easily bathe the area and then empty.

When infection is present, I typically recommend two applications daily for the first two days, then one application daily for five more days. A 7 day treatment plan regime should be sufficient

I also recommend a vaginal bath after the menstrual cycle and in some patients once weekly for a specific number of weeks.

Douching is not recommended during the menstrual cycle or during pregnancy

Order Instructions:

Do not order through Amazon as I cannot trust the integrity of the product once it leaves the manufacturers warehouse.

Just call Vital Nutrients at 1-888-328-9992 (EST)

Tell them you are my patient or give them my password code 12790.

Note: They will not sell any product to the public—you must give them my password

I suggest buying 2 cans to save on shipping.

For additional information regarding vaginal douching and this product in particular, feel comfortable contacting me at [email protected] or 619-231-1778