The Emotional Connection Between the Mind and the Body

The Emotional Connection Between the Mind and the Body

STOMACH: Worry about issue outside of the family, disgust, impatience, self-importance, obsession, ego, despair, nervousness, feeling of being treated unjustly

SPLEEN/PANCREAS: Worry about loved ones/family members, low self-control, low self-esteem, vicariousness, overly sympathetic, uncertainty, deprived of the “sweetness of life”

LUNG: Holding onto people from the past, grief, sadness, yearning, cloudy thinking, anguish, resistant to be accepting of love, brain fog, heaviness and weighted feeling of upper back and chest

LARGE INTESTINE: Failure to let go, holding onto issues from the past, defensive, rejection, fixed/rigid belief system, dogmatic, cries easily, fear of rejection, financial worries, perfectionism, suppressions

KIDNEY: Fear, shame, paralyzed will, bad memories, dread, nightmares, anxiety, insomnia, inability to go on, inability to “get rid of”, retains all

BLADDER: Timid, peeved, slighted, miffed, mousey, wishy-washy, frequent bladder infections, incontinence, need for approval, feels out of control, ineffective

GALLBLADDER: “Minister of decision making”, resentment, stubbornness, emotionally suppressed, indecisiveness, bilious/caustic temperament, burning, hot, indigestion, reflux esophagitis

LIVER: Anger, aggressive, frustration, addictiveness, irrationality, destructive behaviors, assertive overexertion, ambition, “Huspah”

HEART: Intimacy, personal relationships, unemotional, lack of joy, sudden fright, inability to love unconditionally,

SMALL INTESTINE: “Separating the pure from the impure, insecure, abandonment, vulnerability, absent minded, unfulfilled love, materialistic

THYROID/ADRENAL: Instability, illogical, ups and downs, instability, paranoia, inability to think clearly, unable to logically think, energy fluctuations

PITUITARY/SEX: Unfulfilled, greed, vivid dreaming, suppressed emotions, feeling empty and depleted, poor memory, dwells on sexual matters, greed with disregard for others, prostate, sex organs.

SPIRITUAL/METAPHYSICAL: Calming balance, alignment to the emotional centers of the body,

**In 35 years of practice, I have recommended and observed patients doing liver/gallbladder flushes, intestinal cleanses, kidney detox etc. and every diet known to man all to no avail.  The reason being is the problems they are experiencing are emotionally based.  In other words, the symptoms they are experiencing are indeed physical but the cause of them is emotional.

It is within reason to assume a number of these patterns could have been set up by past life issues, drug use during pregnancy, negative thoughts during pregnancy, early childhood trauma and poor nutrition.

To treat this, I use a specific group of remedies which incorporate gemstone combinations, cell salts, flower essences, color therapy and specific homeopathics orchestrated to alter recurrent unwanted patterns.

Most importantly, every thought is a prayer and every prayer sends a direct message to the “powers that be”.  Anthony Robins once said that the most positive thinking individuals have two to five thousand negative thoughts per day.

The key is to recognize this and turn it around to the positive because in the world of Spirit, POSITIVE THOUGHTS ARE EMOTIONAL NUTRIENTS!