The Law of Cure

The Law of Cure

Healing moves symptoms from:

1. Inside to outside

2. Top to bottom

3. More important organs to less important organs

4. Most recent or current symptoms to older more chronic symptoms

The healing process can oftentimes create discomfort and discharge as the above 4 processes take place.

Years ago studying in a Macrobiotic summer camp, one of the attendees, a young man around 20 years old had open weeping sores all over his legs. When I asked his counselor/coach about this, I was told that the young man had been eating clean healthy foods for two years and just now his kidneys were getting rid of medications he took as a child and that those medications were being discharged through the skin on the legs. I was not sure if I was going to buy into that reasoning, but lo and behold, within two weeks this man’s legs were totally healed with no marks or scarring remaining.

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Illness can and should be considered an ally and opportunity to grow and learn from as opposed to an opponent and something dreadful.

Once a commitment is made to improve one’s life and lifestyle then, and only then Divine Providence will appear to handle the majority of the work that is necessary.

***Our minds are incredibly powerful, and as such, we as humans can “WILL” any thing we want to actually happen.  So we can use our will to eradicate any illness!!

Ben Franklin’s “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” speaks volumes to what we should be focused on doing.

Our healthcare system is based on treating illness when it should be based on preventing illness.

Big Pharma has spent billions of dollars to ensure we do not stay well simply because there is no money to be made when people are healthy!!

It is up to all of us to take personal responsibility by educating ourselves to live according to the Order of the Universe