Princetta Lab Panel Men/Women

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These tests cover most all the bases by adding Magnesium, Ferritin, CK, CRP,hs , Vitamin D and the PSA for males.

Oftentimes it is best to pay out of pocket for testing so as not to create a record with insurance companies.

Clinically if the circumstances warrant, I may suggest the tests below for additional information

The NMR for Small Particle LDL + Insulin Resistance

PLA2 Phospholipid ( Risk for CVD CHD, Ischemic Stroke)

CA27-29 (Breast Cancer Marker)

17 Keto-Steroid 24 hour urine (female)

Saliva Test for Hormones both male/female

Blood is drawn at any LabCorp location. Test results are sent directly to you.

Contact me at [email protected] to set it up.