Newsletter 26 – Microbiomes

Dr. Philip Princetta

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Hi Folks:Last week I sent the news clip from CBS regarding a piece their MD did on Microbiomes.

Now I am sending another link from NPR who has been documenting the research on Microbiomes for the past two years

The Microbiome blueprint is going to be used to treat numerous diseases. It is already happening.

AND I want you to know all about it–so please check out this link.

There are several enlightening articles here including one about mapping the human microbiome.

My product MBC initiates the process of re-colonizing and re-seeding the microbiomes.  (see attachment)

Those of you who have used it should know they are using a formula that is state of the art and way ahead of its time.

Come see me in Atlanta so we can continue to catapult ourselves forward.

My Dates are Tuesday, October 29th through Friday, November 8th 

To your health,
Dr. Philip Princetta

It is more important to know what sort

of person has a disease than to know what

sort of disease a person has.

Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)