IntraCellular Detox System—Glutathione + Bind

IntraCellular Detox System—Glutathione + Bind

Glutathione (GSH)  G-CELL (GSHX)

  • GSH resides in the cell  —  There are approximately 50-72 trillion cells in the body
  • GSH is the mother of all antioxidants
  • It is considered the strongest antioxidant in the world because it is what your own body produces
  • Glutathione is a tri-peptide meaning it has 3 amino acids

It is 5000 times stronger than Vitamins C & E

  • Vitamin C has 5 extra electrons to donate
  • Vitamin E has 3 extra electrons to donate
  • GSH has 1 million extra electrons to donate

*If you check Pub-Med, as of 5/22/13 there are 107,156 studies done on Glutathione for most every disease complex

*Also on PubMed as of 5/22/13 there are 2,806 research articles on Glutathione’s affect on aging

Raising cellular glutathione increase the release of toxins

Toxins are most always attached to fat molecules such as bile

How your body rids itself of toxins is directly related to NOT getting Cancer

Toxins are attached to fat molecules

GSH forces toxins to attach to fats (bile) which is then returned to the Liver

**You can never downgrade inflammation without cellular detoxification


Bind is two varieties Activated Charcoal + Humates (Fulvic Acid)

Bind has the finest carbon/charcoal in the world

Charcoal can remove 3000 known drug residues

Charcoal resonates between 400-1000 angstroms

Bind is taken at bedtime because it absorbs everything  during the night

Note: Those using sleep medication, should wait at least an hour before taking Bind.  The Bind will remove the sleep medication.

If I myself had to choose just two supplements it would be these two.

The process is simple:

  1. Glutathione is needed for the cell to remove toxins–You must fix the cell in order to get well
  2. Bind at bedtime removes those toxins during the night.

These 2 products alone will do more than 10 other products combined.

It is the quality of ingredients that enable these products to work as well as they do across the board.

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