For Better or For Worse Alzheimer’s-Dementia

For Better or For Worse Alzheimer-Dementia

This 60 Minute Piece aired tonight For Better or For Worse may be the final episode of a decade of interviews of just one couple one of whom has the Alzheimer form of Dementia.  It is a wake up call to action for every single one of us.

Changes showing onset of the Alzheimers form of Dementia begin 10, 20 even 30 years before first symptoms appear. NOW is the time to prevent it to begin with!

I have been saying this to my family of patients for a long time now.

Once you have the onset of symptoms and without a miracle from God (which is possible), you may very likely develop Alzheimer’s/ Dementia

Do I have the answer–I wish I did.  What I do have is some ideas to help prevent it

I use Citicoline in the form of CDP Choline Cognizin. The raw materials for this product are made in Japan, the encapsulation from various companies globally.  I use JO-MAR Labs in Santa Cruz because the raw materials for this product originate from the world famous Kyowa Labs in Japan. I just don’t trust other brands.  Everyone including myself pays the same price 100 capsules 200mg-$42.20 (1-800-538-4545). Some patients take one a day others two per day.  You will not overdose on this product

The other product I suggest is Lithium Orotate either in tablet or spray (see attachment below).  This is the mineral lithium (Georgia has Lithia Springs) and not the pharmaceutical lithium used to treat schizophrenia.

I highly recommend ballroom dancing because it requires thinking–there are plenty of studios out there able to accommodate you. Playing a musical instrument also requires skill of thinking.

Years ago I had a 95+ year old patient sharp as a tack. When I asked his “secret” he said when he drives he takes a different route every time he goes somewhere; he never sits at the same spot  at the dinner table; he does not drink coffee out of the same cup each day etc. etc. He said as soon as something he does becomes a    habit/routine, he would immediately change or shake it up.  Interesting! He lived to 103

The Book Why Isn’t My Brain Working by Datis Kharrazian is definitely not the bible of brain health BUT it is a good book to read as it also discusses the  Gut Brain Axis and the Vagus Nerve.

LASTLY, I would be remiss if I did not mention the bona fide benefits of      Transcendental Meditation. The TM method has been studied  by the worlds greatest universities proving the science and scholarship behind the effect it has on the brain is nothing short of magnanimous. No other meditation compares. They provide a discount if you are referred by a professional such as myself. It it worth it?. My opinion is a resounding YES because supplements are only helpful adjuncts whereas Transcendental Meditation is the real McCoy for brain health. Almost every city large or small; local or global, has a TM Center close by. All TM centers have free open house lectures–try to go to one; feel into it; and more than likely you will want to sign up.  It stays with you until your last breath. And in the long run it is cheaper than supplements and or medications that do not work.

Attached will be 4 articles I have sent out in the past on Citicoline. The first one is a whopping 92 pages with the other three articles more reasonable. I also am adding a Lithium article as well.  I do not have an article on ballroom dancing, you will  have to figure that out for yourself.

As with anything I send out, please  by all means pass it onto others

To your health,
Dr. Philip Princetta