Dr. P’s Humidifier, Silver Nebulizer Technique

Dr. P’s Humidifier, Silver Nebulizer Technique

  • Cool Mist Humidifier (Walmart $49.99)
  • or something similar
  • 1 Gallon Distilled Water–MUST be Distilled so as not to build up scale on the humidifier
  • 1 Quart bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 18-20 drops Oregano Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Silver 500
  • Add ingredients together and rest well 
  • Aside from the bedroom for sleeping, some folks set one up in the living room or any space they are hanging in.

Use when feeling stuffy; cold; flu; coughing; and anything respiratory including nCOVID-19 and all its’ variants.

** All Oregano Oils are not the same nor the difference between Colloidal Silver and Silver Protein. I use Physician Strength P73 Oregano Oil and very specific Mild Silver Protein.Contact me for product details


  • Fill cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of silver 500
  • Add 2 drops of DMSO if available OR if by chance you happen to have Albuterol, call me to discuss how to use for this recipe
  • Do a breathing session twice daily

The best nebulizer for your money is made by PARI PRONEB Max Aerosol Delivery System with LC Sprint

For the Nebulizer, call Just Nebulizers and ask to speak to Renee Or Ann at 888-550-2450. Tell  them you are my patient and they will sell you the filter for the same price I would be paying. They know exactly what I want my patients to have.

NOTE: The Nebulizer Silver technique is my ACE in the HOLE when it comes to preventing treating pneumonia and most other respiratory situations