Cellular Membrane/Fats/Cholesterol

Cellular Membrane, Fats, Cholesterol

Membrane Function depends upon alignment of phospholipids – how they are inter-spaced with cholesterol and proteins.

The cellular membrane is where the cells intelligence resides.

The cellular membrane holds the intelligence and controls our biology in response to our ENVIRONMENT.

Stem cell biologist and best-selling author Dr. Bruce Lipton conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane is the organic equivalent of a computer chip and the cell’s equivalent of a brain.

Cell Membrane Functions:

  • Gives shape, structure, protection, and fluidity
  • Cell Transport
  • Communication… cell to cell, hormones from distant cells, protein markers for interaction with the immune system
  • New research shows the cell membrane can direct all cell function and even change gene expression.

IMP’s are cell receptor/effector proteins that act as the eyes, ears, nose and feelers of the cell

  • Cells become smarter as the outer membranes surface expands and more IMP’s can be utilized.
  • If you take out the nucleus of the cell, the cell will live 2-3 months.
  • If you destroy the cell membrane, the cell dies instantly

Inflammation of the cell membrane disrupts cellular FLUIDITY and therefore cell function

  •  FLUIDITY of the cell allows entry and exit of good and bad into the cell

PLA2 (Phospholipase A 2)is the sergeant of arms of the cellular membrane.

  • Bio-toxins and heavy metals cause a dramatic elevation in Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) activity which results in premature uncoupling of the EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) from phospholipids in the cell membrane.
  • Toxins + Insulin increase the PLA2 levels

Omega 6 (Cardiolipin) lines the internal mitochondrial membrane

  • The ratio of Omega 6 to 3 is more important than the individual fats themselves. The ratio should be 4:1 for brain conditions, membrane repair and CVD;  1:1 for heart disease; and 2.5:1 for colorectal cancer.
  • Across the board, the 4:1 ratio improved conditions across the board. DHA did not improve any of the cellular membrane conditions.
  • Systemic Formula’s VISTA is this exact ratio

Due to an increase in the popularity of fish oil, Omega 3 Dominance is a growing problem

  • Leads to an increase in fluidity creating a weak cell vulnerable to toxins and free radical damage
  • Replaces Cardiolipin in the mitochondrial membrane decreasing cell energy causing cell death
  • Increases epigenetic triggers (turns on bad genes)
  • Overall increase in cancer
  • Over- stimulation in ADD and autistic children

Bad fats decrease membrane fluidity by:

  • Increasing Inflammation
  • Changing the perfect geometry of the cell membrane that is highly sensitive to the size of the lipid chains (3.5mm to maintain stability)
  • Renegade fats which are known as Very Long Chain Fats (VLCFA’s) that are overexpressed, disrupt the cell structure

Inflammation is the Ultimate Cause of Cellular Membrane problems

Toxins, Bad Fats and Sugar are the culprits of Inflammation. (Sugar raises PLA2 levels)


  • 80-90% of cholesterol is made in the LIVER and it takes a great deal of energy to produce
  • Cholesterol is a major Anti-oxidant (fireman)
  • Makes up 50% of the cell fat
  • 25% of cholesterol is in the brain (can’t think without it)
  • Needed for the utilization of fat soluble vitamins (is the precursor to Vitamin D)
  • High concentration in what are known as the “lipid rafts” which secure the proteins for hormone receptors
  • Securing these proteins validates cholesterols effect on hormone receptors, fat metabolism and endocrine function.
  • Prevents over-fluidity of the cell membrane by providing firmness yet is pliable enough to maintain the cell overall fluidity.
  • It is the OXIDATION of Cholesterol that causes inflammation, NOT the Total Cholesterol
  • An increase in glucose and insulin oxidizes and inhibits production of cholesterol
  • Low Cholesterol levels are associated with increased cancer rates and a higher mortality then high cholesterol.
  • More people suffer heart attacks and stroke with low cholesterol rather than high cholesterol
  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff a senior scientist at MIT said “heart disease may be a cholesterol deficiency problem “

This article from my website on Cholesterol is an excellent read!

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