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Adrenal Glands/Cortisol/Hormones


To those that have signed up to my professional Facebook page, thank you.  For those whom have not, please consider doing so.  After much resistance to FB, I decided to do a one year experiment with the professional side of it as a safe way for our community to share success, resources and support.

In today’s society, with the stress of doing whatever it is we do, maintaining our health is indeed a challenge; and as such requires advanced knowledge and scholarship. These newsletters and their content are my way of showing I am 100% committed to your health and well-being in every way possible.  With this intention, I ask you to create the time to read and digest them!

Adrenal Gland Function/Anatomydeals with the complex nature of the adrenal gland system and the ill of effects of poor function which include Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Heart Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. At the end of this post are links for two e-books written by Dr.Steven Hotze.  One on Adrenal Fatigue and the other on Testosterone.  Reading this post along with the additional two e-book links will provide information and education with the purpose of moving you forward.

Hormone Information has a great deal of information on the power of hormones; and in this post, each and every hormone is explained in terms we can all understand.  Again I ask you to take the time to educate yourself about hormones, what they do and why they do what they do.

What is a Troche explains a most remakable method of delivering bio-identical hormones into the body and does a good job explaining why other methods of delivery are not as effective.

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I have a warehouse of information to share.

Osteoporosis, Vitamin D, Emotional Healing, Chakras and the famous Ileo-Cecal Valve are just a few of the topics to be brought forward.

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