Newsletter 5 – PXP and HFI

Special Bulletin
All About PXP Royal and HFI

I am writing this “SPECIAL BULLETIN” newsletter to introduce two products that may very well change your life as far as health and well-being are concerned.The first is called PXP Royal and this product as you will read in the post

below directly affects the mitochondria of the cell.  The mitochondria control the body’s energy which is called ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate)-the mitochondria being the cell’s energy powerhouse.


Simply put, if you fix the energy you cure/prevent the illness.

Mitochondrial intervention is going to be the medicine of the future.  Just recently, insulin resisitance has been re-classified as a mitichondrial illness.  There is more to come.

The second product is called HFI and it is a humus/fulvic acid product which contains most all of the trace minerals known to man.  Humus has the ability/ propensity to suffocate viruses.  Fulvic acid has the ability/propensity to convert homocysteine (which is a marker for heart disease) into methionine.  Alcoholics for instance, either genetically, or caused by the alcohol, are not able to make this necessary conversion.

Please take a good hard look at this link which includes a video by Dr. Jack Tips.  No one can explain mitochondria like he does.

My recommendation is to use these 2 products for a minimum of 90 days.  It takes 90 days for any product to make significant changes.

For those folks whom are elderly, I cannot think of a better product to use not only because it is highly effective, but because it does not involve taking a bunch of pills.

Those of you who know me know that I am 100% committed to the health and well-being of all and it is for this very reason I bring these two magnificent products to your attention.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


To your health,

Dr. Philip Peter Princetta