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For most of the 35 years I have been in practice, many want to refer to me as a “healer” a term I am not at all comfortable with.

An analogy as to what I do would be to be a sower//planter of seeds.  I meet a patient on their level and over a period of time and with plenty of patience move forward on a path to health and well-being.

When I first began practice I thought every field sowed would produce results.  Not True!!  Not all fields are fertile!!  Therefore I work with the preparation of the “field” so the seeds will grow




  • Takes the time to know and understand each patient on many levels. Most visits can be up to two hours in length
  • Treats. Educates, Engages and Empowers the patient to first get well and then STAY WELL!
  • Understands each individual has a unique biological signature and what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for the next.
  • Creates the time to research issues /conditions that appear to be “outside of the box”
  • Address the Spiritual,/Mental and/Emotional components of all Physical issues
  • Recommends  state of the art supplementation wisely and judiciously to support the patient in the “process”
  • Understands the bottom line to nutrition is eating WHOLESOME FOODS
  • Understands it takes time to prepare a field for the seeds!
  • Makes himself available to educate, engage and empower you on your journey


My work is for those who realize they are here to GROW and DEVELOP

15 Minute Consultations always free of charge!



Weight Loss:

  • Understanding not being able to lose weight IS NOT YOUR FAULT
  • Hormone toxicity the root cause of weight gain
  • Leptin hormonal resistance


Cellular Detoxification:

  • 60 and 90 day programs producing results without side effects
  • Mitochondrial DNA repair
  • Cellular Membrane repair
  • Decrease Oxidative Stress
  • Restore Methylation Donor Imbalance (Methylation Resistance)
  • Balance Hormones through detoxification


Heart Health:

  • Taking care of the heart BEFORE a problem arises
  • NMR & PLA-2 blood tests to determine Patterns A & B LDL
  • Once yearly 3 month heart health program
  • Is a heart attack a “Charley Horse”?


Anti-Aging Programs:

  • Removing Inflammation
  • Restoring DNA/RNA Expression
  • Why is it called “Change of Life”
  • Osteoporosis assessment using the Urine Pyrilinks Test to determine if losing bone faster than creating new bone.


Biological Dentistry Discussion:

  • The relationship between each tooth and the organ systems of the body
  • Can bad teeth be the cause for knee pain or poor digestion?
  • Relationship between Dental Disease and Overall Systemic Health


Nutritional and Dietary Design:

  • Eating according to lifestyle; genetic background; and affordability
  • State of the Art supplementation used wisely and judiciously

Neurological Spinal Alignment:

  • Nerve Pain Elimination
  • Sciatic Nerve Assessment;  is it structural or mutated Chicken Pox virus

Male Care:

  • Exogenous Hormones—males eating foods with too much ESTROGEN
  • Preventing Prostate Disease
  • The real cause of ED


Mental-Spiritual-Emotional Connections to Physical Illnesses

  • Chakra Connection to Emotions Assessment
  • Positive Volitions/Affirmations – how you think is reflected on how you feel
  • Color Therapy
  • Empowerment Techniques – learn how to take your power back


Sinus Drainage Techniques