Protein Sleep Disorders

 Protein Sleep Disorders

It is estimated that up to 80 % of adult Americans do not enjoy a deep restful sleep. They may think they are getting a deep sleep but in reality they are not. They are tossing and turning, moaning and groaning, eyes open, eyes closed and simply put, just irritated.

Deep restful sleep is critically essential for the body / brain to remain healthy. It must have this time to re-set its circuitry!

A possible cause of this “American Phenomena” may be PROTEIN!

Protein eaten late in the day at 7pm can and often interferes with the restful and regenerative alkaline sleep cycle  which peaks around 3am eight hours later. This in turn will interfere with the liver’s natural cleanse cycle going on at the same time.

Reason being the proteins are not properly digested or completely metabolized during sleep and as such contribute to a toxic overload of the lymphatic system and blood.

The lymphatic system is dependent upon exercise/movement to circulate/function. It SLEEPS when you sleep.

EXCEPT it can’t sleep and YOU CAN”T SLEEP because now the body has to “wake up” so as to move the protein metabolism through and then go back to what it should be doing which is cleansing the body while you “supposedly” are sleeping.

**This holds true for late night high stress protein meat eaters as well as vegetarians who consume heavy or complex vegetable protein such as soy, beans, nuts, etc. at night.

For my patients with sleep disorders, I often recommend no protein past 4pm for one month.  If that does not work , move it up an hour to 3pm.

Females require less protein than males and this may be the reason why female insomnia is more prevalent.

Unless proteins are eaten properly, a person is better off not eating protein at all. Better to be a little protein deficient than to be protein-toxic.  Both cause ill health–but toxic protein causes degeneration at a much faster pace.

**When I grew up everyone in our neighborhood ate supper/dinner between 5 & 5:30 pm.  They “old timers” knew the meal needed plenty of time to digest before retiring

In truth, supper should be a light meal with breakfast and lunch being of greater proportional amount.