Parent Omega Oils

Parent Omega Oils

For years I have wondered why never a single patient tested positive for Omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acids even thought the benefits of EFA’s has been touted in the press for a number of years now.

When I went to the Hippocrates Institute back in 2007, I asked Drs. Brian & Anna Marie Clement at the Hippocrates Institute explained that oil from fish was not the correct source and that it took anywhere from 4-6 hours of the body’s energy reserve to break them down. Being proponents of raw foods, they suggested sprouts, flax seeds and other sources that were plant based as opposed to fish based.

Then I came across the work of Professor Brian Peskin who is a scientific researcher/nutritional consultant studying at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Doing so provided the knowledge that;

  • Omega 6 is much more important than Omega 3 but both are necessary
  • Parent oils are directly related to the membrane of the mitochondria and therefore are directly related to Cancer
  • Cancer as many of us know is directly related to cellular oxygen deficiency
  • Cellular Oxygen deficiency has to do with a lipid called CL (cardiolipin) which is found in all mitochondrial membranes
  • The main substrate in CL is parent omega -6 with no parent omega-3
  • The American Heart Association in 2009 reversed its position on parent omega-6 because research showed parent omega -6 have more powerful anti-inflammatory properties to counteract inflammation

I recommend you go to Prof. Peskin’s website and read about PARENT ESSENTIAL OILS then on the left side scroll down to “Special Medical Reports”.

You should also check out his article published in the August/September Townsend Newsletter–

And last but certainly not least, while you are on the Peskin website check out the research regarding the dangers of statin drugs which are used to artificially lower cholesterol levels and please go to my website and read my article Cholesterol and Heart Disease -No Correlation-              Cholesterol & Heart Disease–No Correlation

The Parent Essential Oils are taken in a dosage of 2 “perles” twice daily.-one Perle per 40 lbs of body weight. If you cannot take 2 twice daily, then take all 4 at the same time!!

NOTE: 4 capsules = 1 teaspoon of oil…

***If you want to order these, do not order online because the price is higher online. Instead call1-866-937-1124 and give them my ID # 73974733

I am delighted to share this product and all of Professor Peskin’s information-not only because it is based on science but most importantly, it will educate you as to why you should not be using any Omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acids unless it is a PEO.