Dr. P’s Green Magic Drink

Dr. P’s Magic Green Drink

If you do not own a Vita Mix, I highly recommend you purchase one. There are a million recipes that the Vita Mix can be used for. It is worth every penny. Oftentimes your local Costco will have the Vita Mix Company come in to do 3 days of demonstrations. Check with Costco on line for information. The unit can also be purchased directly from the Vita Mix Company itself (privately owned).

This is a powerful green drink that keeps all of the fiber intact. I make enough for 3 days and place each days drink in a quart canning jar. No matter what anybody may say, the drink is as fresh and tasty on day 3 as it is on day one.

Green drinks are associated with the Liver. Keeping the liver healthy keeps you healthy – end of story. Green drinks are especially beneficial during the spring and summer months.

I use only organic vegetables. However if organic is not available use what is. Of all vegetables, celery is the only vegetable that should be organic. Be creative, play with the drink, change it around -make it your own.

Two stalks of celery

A handful of parsley

A handful of cilantro

A handful of Spinach

3-4 Collard Green leaves (stem and all)

3-4 Kale Green Leaves (stem and all)

1-2 Apples (for a touch of sweetness)

1 Cucumber

A small piece of Ginger if you feel like a slight “zing”

I also add whatever else I have around such as a zucchini or yellow squash, another type of greens such as turnip greens, perhaps a mustard green etc.

I sometimes will use Dandelion which is excellent for the Liver but indeed will make the juice on the bitter side. If using Dandelion makes sure you use two apples.

What I do not use in this drink are carrots, any type of radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beets, burdock root, turnip root, Swiss Chard or any type of lettuce.

Make a full container in the Vita Mix and add some water to the mix to dilute just enough to drink.

Put in the jars and have one per day for lunch! Needless to say, refrigerate!