Best Cellular Detoxification Ever

Best Cellular Detoxification Ever

A New Model For Detoxification Best Cellular Detoxification Ever

This year I introduced what I believe to be  the most safe and effective regimen for a 60-day CELLULAR detoxification program that works sequentially, deeper and deeper in the body while providing smooth removal of toxins, chemicals, and metabolic wastes though the body’s innate processes.

Years ago I was able to recommend a bottle of Vitamin C or some type of Gallbladder or Adrenal support and the patients got better.  For whatever reasons (and there are many) this no longer works today–hence called A New Model for Detoxification because it is A New Model for a NEW MILLENIUM.

Until now there were no programs able to penetrate a cell’s dual membranes to gain entry into the cell; tweak the mitochondria and repair DNA. Repairing and stabilizing the dual cellular membrane and the Mitochondria (the DNA carrying energy engines of the cell) are the primary GOAL of the entire program. This is the new science of “Epigenetics”.  Some cells may contain up to 300 Mitochondria depending on the exact job the cell is programmed for.

Hormone imbalance which may very well be the root cause of weight gain are corrected through this program because hormones become imbalanced due to Cellular Toxixity.  Please see my post Weight Loss-Not Your Fault for details regarding weight loss and the 60 day cellular detoxification program.

Keeping in mind there are over 100 trillion cells in the body–a detox program such as this will initiate the process of cellular detoxification.  Science has known for years a cell in the big toe knows how to communicate with a cell in the kidney–they just do not understand HOW.  Point being, once the process is established the body recognizes the change and creates the same process everywhere it can.

This program is nothing akin to a Gallbladder Flush or Master Cleanse both of which I often recommend.  These types of flushes are specific for an organ or an area but are not designed to get into the cell itself.

The products used in were developed by Systemic Formulas.   The scholarship and science behind these product formulations is brilliant. The ingredients themselves are the best quality in the world and the combination of ingredients is impeccably standardized.

This program is divided into three 20 day phases. It addresses the Liver throughout all three phases, the extra-cellular matrix, and  the cell membranes/mitochondria. 

The 5 R’s of Cellular Healing!

  1. Remove the Source (eg. mercury fillings/beauty products)
  2. Regenerate Cell Membranes (Inner and Outer)
  3. Restore Cellular Energy (Mitochondrial ATP)
  4. Reduce Inflammation (Oxidative Free Radical Damage)
  5. Re-Establish Methylation (Cellular DNA Repair)

To accomplish the above a cellular detox program must provide the following:

  • Liver Support – When the liver’s vitality is improved, it can better detoxify the body.
  • Neuroendocrine Support – Helps protect the pituitary and hypothalamus during detoxification and helps avoid further hormone-receptor resistance and confusion.
  • Drainage Support – Additional support for the organs that serve asdetox pathways-the liver, gall bladder, and kidneys
  • Extra-cellular Matrix Support – Sequential focus on toxins that are stored in the adipose tissues and extra-cellular matrix. By first supporting the liver, then addressing the extra-cellular matrix, herxheimer reactions are avoided.
  • Cell Membrane Support – Antioxidants help protect the cell membranes from inflammatory toxins.
  • Inner Cell Methylation Support – Nutrition for the cell’s innate detoxification and repair mechanisms.
  • Inner Cell Free Radical Protection – Nutrition to protect the mitochondrial and cellular DNA from damage including intermediate metabolites.
  • Inner Cell Intermediate Metabolite Support – Nutritional protection from ammonia and sulfur metabolites.

**This regimen may at times be tailored to the individual taking the program based on a health professional’s assessment.

General Rules:

Use your head!! You have just invested in a state of the art cellular detox program.  Therefore for the 60 day program do your best to stay as “clean” as you can.

  • Increase water intake towards at least 96 ounces (3 quarts)
  • If a person feels like she/he is detoxifying too rapidly, contact me directly and we will walk through it
  • It would be enormously beneficial to avoid all sugar including Agave, Honey, Maple Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup etc.
  • It would also be enormously beneficial to avoid grains the reason being that grains contain “AMYLOSE” and amylose is a sugar.

Dietary Suggestions:

  1. No Dairy (Inflammation)     2. No Grains (inflammation)   3. No Sugar(inflammation)


Additional Suggestion: Castor Oil Pack over Liver 2-3 x weekly