Newsletter 6 – Honoring the Past to Move Forward

I came across this vido link which fascinated me for more than one reason and it provoked me to want to send this message.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders.  A group of  individuals both black and white who in May of 1961 boarded buses in Washington D.C and in Nashville with the intention of bringing segregration, particularly in the Deep South, to an end.

These people had an amazingly enormous amount of courage and chutzpah to take this challenge; and were met with hatred the likes never seen before here in these United States. They put their lives on the line for a cause they knew was a God given right for everyone on this planet.

This video link has a piece on the Police Commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama “Bull” Connor.  He is considered to be one of the greatest BIGOTS of all time.  It was he who made the decisions to use fire hoses, attack dogs, bombs etc.  on innocent people including children in the hope of reigning them in.

However by doing so, “Bull” brought more attention to the Civil Rights Movement than was ever imaginable. Bull Connor’s hate of the Negro race was seen worldwide and it was the perception of how the world viewed the United States that ultimately led to the collapse of segregration.

In my opinion, to this day, people of color, women and LGBT individuals are still not treated as equals.

As an advocate of Human Rights for ALL, it is my hope and prayer more groups such ast the 1961 Freedom Riders  come forward to take a stand with the intention of creating dialogue and solution.

“Evil Flourishes When Good Men Do Nothing”

To your health,
Dr. Philip Princetta