Wobenzym/Rutozym Order Information

Wobenzym/Rutozym Order Information

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Wobenzym was initially created in 1930 at Cornell University in New York by two doctors from Germany. It is the world’s #1 anti-inflammatory second only to aspirin. Over 100 million people worldwide use it. The original intention of the product was to be a natural chelator which would clear out the plaque lining the arteries and veins which is causing INFLAMMATION! So it is directly associated to the heart, circulatory system and joints which are rich with blood vessels. Wobezym is famous for “curing” a number of health issues.

Since we can assume that throughout the course of one year we surely build up plague, you may want to consider using a bottle of 800 Wobenzyme at least once and better yet twice a year as a precautionary measure to keep the “pipes” flowing as they should. 4 tablets 3x daily in between meals is a good average dose.

While Wobenzym is used for inflammation throughout the entire body,Rutozym is a “newer” product and is specific for inflammation in and around the heart muscle.  The main ingredient in Rutozym is Nattokinase, a soy derivative used extensively in the Japanese diet which has been proven to prevent heart disease due to inflammation.  The dosage for Rutozym is usually lower than it is for Wobenzym.

WOBENZYM Anti-Inflammatory CRÈME used for topical joint and tissue repair is also available at this site.to purchase this product at WHOLESALE COST!!

NOTE: Wobenzym and Rutozym are absolutely NOT TO BE USED by those taking pharmaceutical blood thinners such as Coumadin, Plavix or similar!!