The Lord’s Prayer

 The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father-Mother God, Breather of the Cosmos Center of all, Dweller in all,

We live as sounds of your sacred name

Shine the Light of your Love in us and through us

That we may care for ourselves and all,

Our wills in accord with you Will

Create in us each moment what we need To express the highest good for all

And free us from bonds of ignorance

Release us from the blinding spell of illusion and help us attain our truest purpose,

for in You we find the power to be a glory and a blessing of all creation

offering ourselves as Flower of Living Light

This version of the Lord’s Prayer was stimulated by translations of the original prayer by Jesus in the Aramaic language, as presented in the book, “Prayers of the Cosmos” by Neil Douglas-Klotz

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I am particularly fond of this version because Jesus studied with the Essenes; the Essene Gospels recognized both a male and female entity as God; and the almost all of the principal founders of what would later be called Christianity were Essenes-St. Ann, Joseph and Mary, John the Baptist, Jesus, John the Evangelist etc.