Prostate Health & Urinary Incontinence

Prostate Health and Urinary Incontinence

Willow Flower Herb

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Go to online store and scroll  down to Willow Flower and read all about this amazing plant. Willow Flower Herb has a long history of working well with the prostate gland and with both male and female urinary incontinence.

If you can’t urinate, you will in a few weeks.  If you are urinating frequently during the night, that will stop.  Willow Flower strengthens the prostate and has been shown to get rid of the swelling.  It is proven to remiss major prostate problems including Cancer.  It seems to work over 90% of the time on problems such as frequent urination, urination blockage, erection problems and more.

Females use this product mainly for frequent urination.  For this particular problem Willow Herb works beautifully.

Willow Flower Herb is imported from Germany and has been approved by the world renowned German “E” Commission.

This is not a capsule or tablet.  It is pure wild grown herb that you make tea out of.  Tea is the best method to use in order to get the maximum benefit from an herb.

Suggested dosage is one cup of tea twice daily.  Both cups can be steeped at the same time drinking one cup immediately and the second cup at bedtime