Eliminate Toxicity

Eliminate Toxicity

 Eliminate Toxicity

Every healing arts practitioner should grow their practice by researching and introducing new formats and protocols that are proven to work.  The 60 day cellular detoxification program is one of those.

Years ago, I was able to recommend a bottle of enzymes or a bottle of adrenal and the problem would be solved.  However in this day and age these items are not as effective as they used to be because the human body is not the same as it was 40 years ago.  Today, Umbilical Cord blood contains 287 toxins and the number is rising.  We are indeed a toxic society with the problems seemingly beginning before we are even born.

As with the PXP I introduced in February of this year, I researched this 6o day program for just under a year before feeling comfortable enough to release it to the ‘general public. Both PXP and the 60 day cellular detoxification program are tools necessary for what is called “a new millennium in healing”.

Here is the most safe and effective regimen for a 60-day detoxification program that works sequentially, deeper and deeper in the body while providing smooth removal of toxins, chemicals, and metabolic wastes though the body’s innate processes.

This program addresses the liver first, then the extra-cellular matrix, and then the cells.

It features:

  • Liver Support – When the liver’s vitality is improved, it can better detoxify the body.
  • Neuroendocrine Support – Helps protect the pituitary and hypothalamus during detoxification and helps avoid further hormone-receptor resistanceand confusion.
  • Drainage Support – Additional support for the organs that serve asdetox pathways-the liver, gall bladder, and kidneys
  • Extra-cellular Matrix Support – Sequential focus on toxins that are stored in the adipose tissues and extra-cellular matrix. Byfirst supporting the liver, then addressing the extra-cellular matrix, herx reactions are avoided.
  • Cell Membrane Support – Antioxidants help protect the cell membranes from inflammatory toxins.
  • Inner Cell Methylation Support – Nutrition for the cell’s innate detoxification and repair mechanisms.
  • Inner Cell Free Radical Protection – Nutrition to protect the mitochondrial and cellular DNA from damage including intermediate metabolites.
  • Inner Cell Intermediate Metabolite Support – Nutritional protection from ammonia and sulfur metabolites

The cost of this program is $575- .  The long term results are worth the investment for if not, I would never recommend it.



  • Treat both cellular membranes and the cellular mitochondria (energy engines )
  • Get to the bottom line of illness by removing the root cause which is cellular toxicity
  • Lose weight by restoring hormonal imbalance damaged by cellular toxicity.
  • Eliminate all sweets and grains to lose weight
  • Get your energy from fats instead of from sugars.
  • Restore DNA and RNA
  • Eliminate the need to continually use supplementation to treat symptoms instead of getting to the true cause.