Dr. P’s Medicine Chest

 Dr. P’s Medicine Chest

The following items should be kept on hand in your home and used as your artillery/ammunition against any kind of “distress” that may come your way.

1. Mild Silver Protein: One of the world’s best antibiotics. It will not scar your small intestine like pharmaceutical antibiotics do. But most importantly, silver gets to the root cause of the problem whereas antibiotics only mask the symptoms. Silver is used only when some type of pathological infection is present. It is not a preventative. For severe bronchitis, lung problems, and all forms of flu including HiNI, the silver can and probably should be used in a nebulizer to ensure it gets into every nook and cranny of the lung tissue.2-3 bottles on hand “just in case” is a wise move. This product must come through my office.

2. The Complete Thymic Formula: This is a preventative because it contains “thymic gland fractions”. The thymus gland is the main gland “in charge of” your immune system. My patients have been taking this for years at a small dosage of 2 cap tabs once daily. The product is designed to take up to 6 cap tabs twice a day if need be. So if you get sick, take more. However, if you take the 2 cap tabs once daily as a maintenance dose, you should not get sick. **This product can be ordered directly by calling Logos at 1-800-556-5530 and mentioning my name.

3. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C: This is state of the art Vitamin C. It is liposomal –Nano-Spheric. A 1000mgs daily which is just one packet will keep your immune system in good shape. To understand more about Vit. C , Google Linus Pauling who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his scholarship of this all important vitamin. **This product has to be ordered through my office

4. Parent Essential Oils: There are a million pluses to taking the correct omega oils and the Parent Essential Oils are the ticket. The dosage for these is two perles twice daily or 4 perles at once. **To order call 1-866-937-1124 and give them my ID number 73974733

5. Baking Soda: The only product on the planet proven to get to the root cause of Candida is simple baking soda. ¼ to½ teaspoon twice daily in 6-8 ounces of water should be a moderate yet effective dose. Candida hides in the small intestine and the baking soda is absorbed through the villi of the intestinal wall and gets to where it is being made so to speak. Both men and women have Candida. Some say Candida is the cause of Cancer. This is interesting because the first three letters of both words are the same “CAN”.

6. DAG: This product has been around since 1925 and is Dr. Dycker’s Antiseptic Germicidal. Hence DAG. It is phenolated iodine in a base of Irish Sea Moss with organic borates. It is famous for healing diseased bacterially infested gums. In today’s medicine it is well known and received that dental issues are the root causes of many diseases. Rinse your mouth with DAG twice daily. DAG is also known to kill off Candida and those individuals with Candida cannot stand the smell of DAG. My patients buy 3-6 bottles at a time and they tell me that their dentists are amazed at how healthy their gum tissue is. **DAG must be ordered through my office.

7. Thieves Oil: Thieves Oil has been proven to be 99.96 % antimicrobial/antibacterial. It is the same blend of oils used by pirates and robbers during the period of the bubonic plague. They annoited themselves with a similar blend of oils to prevent and protect themselves from getting the plague. A few drops on your handkerchief, a few drops on your pillow; a dab under each nostril should do the trick. There is also a Thieves toothpaste that I highly recommend for the teeth and gums. It does not contain chemicals or poisonous fluoride. To order press here to order directly from Young Living through my link or press on the Young Living Link on the sidebar.

Note: All of the above products are NON-TOXIC and should not interfere with any other “drugs” you may be using!!