Don’t Break a Leg

Don’t Break a Leg

Dangers of Osteoporosis Medicines

The link above is from ABC Good Morning America on Monday, March 8th. It is about the dangers of the Osteoporosis Preventing Drug Fosamax. Since it first appeared last week, ABC has received thousands of comments.

It is interesting that ABC’s medical correspondent Dr. Besser even did this story to begin with. He is documented to be anti-supplement and pro- pharmaceutical.

I have warned against the dangers of Fosamax and other anti-osteoporosis drugs for years.

Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency problem.  There is plenty of calcium available; the problem is with proper utilization and absorption.  In other words, getting the calcium out of the soft tissue and back into the bone where it needs to be.

MAGNIFICAL made by Logos Nutritional is a high quality supplement professionally designed to do just that.

It contains the following three essential elements as well as B6, magnesium and a small amount of calcium.

  • Vitamin D:  Transports calcium out of solution and into the bone.
  • Vitamin K2: Acts as the “glue” that binds calcium into the bone matrix.
  • Strontium: Repairs and replenishes the bone matrix or webbing that calcium attaches to and “fills in”.

You can order Magnifical by calling Logos Nutritional at 1-800-556-5530 (EST)

Please take note of the fact that it is phosphorous in soft drinks, as well as sulphites in animal protein which weaken bones.

* *Because women are more evolved than men, they do not require as much animal protein and therefore should not be eating as much.

Preventing osteoporosis has nothing to do with drinking milk and all to do with a clean healthy diet loaded with fresh vegetables, plenty of sunlight and a regular routine of exercise!!!   Click here to Find natural ways to prevent osteoporosis.