Dental Toothpaste/Hygiene

Dental Toothpaste/Hygiene

There are two varieties of Toothpaste I recommend.

Both DO NOT contain FLUORIDE or any fluoride derivatives


To order call 1-800-333-7374.  They will require my account number which is 180815184

You have to order by phone.  However you can view all their product line by going to their website

**The second toothpaste I recommend is made by Young Living  and it is called DENTAROME. They have a regular Dentarome; a Dentarome Plus, and a Dentarome Extra

All three contain the essential oil “Thieves” which has been proven to be 99.96% anti-microbial-anti-bacterial.

As with the Oxyfresh, Dentarome does not contain any harmful Fluoride