12 Volitions

The Twelve Volitions

These positive affirmations work for everyone.  Thirty-four of them  were initially brought forward through by Dr. M.L. Rees of Sedan, KS. He asked me to break that number down to the most important twelve.  No matter how bad a situation, reading the 12 Volitions always makes any situation better to deal with by raising your quantum vibrational filed.

1. FAITH (Suspicion): I am a worthy person, full of confidence in my future. I now believe that everything is for the best.
2. ORDER (Disorganization): I am poised and systematic in my life plan for the good of all.  I no longer will express conflict and disharmony in my newly organized life order.
3. LOVE (Hate): My innate self now expresses LOVE for all humankind and all life. I picture LOVE for all including myself.
4. JUDGMENT (Misjudgment): I now have no malice or misconceptions about my fellow man. I no longer condemn or find fault with any person. I am a reasonable, thoughtful, understanding person full of inspirational wisdom.
5. UNDERSTANDING (Misunderstanding): I now visualize the light of understanding. I no longer misinterpret life’s plan with the darkness of condemnation. I have intuitive comprehension of what my innate intelligence wants me to accomplish.
6. LIFE (Despair): I am full of endurance and animation, throwing off all despairing memories and resentments. I am now full of hope and vitality.
7. CREATIVE IMAGE (Destruction): I now know that anything that I picture in my mind I cause to come to pass. I will use this image power to see only good things.
8, WILL (Antagonism): I am always ready to follow my inner voice intuitions. I have spiritual knowing of when to act and I will not be stubborn or afraid to do so.
9. POWER (Criticism): I am now a person who uses my voice to speak only of good things. I will no longer denounce or speak evil about my fellow man. I know now that whatever I think or say out loud I will cause to happen, so I will be very careful to use this power constructively.
10. ZEAL (Lethargy): I am enthusiastic, eager, and dynamic in doing all those things which need to be done. I praise every little sign of zeal.
11. STRENGTH (Hesitation): I am a courageous person who does not hesitate or falter to do those things that I must do in life. I have the strength and the voice power to accomplish all of my wishes.
12. ELIMINATION (Procrastination): I now release all of my pent up emotions, expel all my negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences from my mind. I now purge my body and my mind of all things that hold back my healing.