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Chiropractic Functional Medicine

San Diego, California • Atlanta, Georgia

Healthcare where BS is Replaced by CS (Common Sense)


  • To get people well; then educate them on how to maintain it !!

My Call to Action:

  • You becoming a Leader in your own Healthcare

My Core:

  • 40 years in practice because it is not a job, it is an honorable appointment
  • Practical Solutions instead of Impractical Illusions
  • Passion determines Action !

I will:

  • Always Speak the Truth
  • Treat every patient as the unique individual they are
  • Give honest hope and encouragement
  • Look for progress not perfection
  • Always do right by the patient

The Miracle is already inside of you—**maybe another miracle brought you here

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Dr. Philip Peter Princetta
Chiropractic Functional Medicine