Preliminary Introduction Kaiser

Because I have been in private practice, I do not have an “official” resume.  As such, I wanted to provide a small amount of background information to be used as a preliminary introduction

  • I have been in private practice since October 1979
  • I hold current active licenses in Colorado, California, New Mexico, Georgia & Mississippi
  • I first practiced in Gallup, New Mexico, then Atlanta, Georgia and now San Diego, California
  • I moved from Atlanta in 2000 and although relocated, I was able to maintain the Atlanta practice making a dual state situation
  • I was President of the International Systemic Health Organization from 1986 through 1995
  • I am an excellent public speaker. I have taught throughout the world
  • I have dual citizenship US/European Union Countries
  • I have continuously studied healthcare for well over 40 years
  • As a Doctor of Chiropractic or in some states as a Chiropractic Physician, I am not limited to a specific belief system in one scope of practice. I embrace all scopes. I have a broad background in healthcare which includes Allopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine, pharmaceuticals, supplementation and food. I believe healthcare today demands we know much more than we ever imagined—and I do fit that bill

What will I bring to Kaiser?

  • 40 years of successful experience with science and scholarship to back it
  • Coaching that is dynamic, powerful and result driven—removing the irrelevant
  • Broad-Minded perspective of Integrated Health Care
  • Cool, Calm. CenteredCapacity to work well with and listen to others

As I retire from private practice, I would like to have this position not only for myself but to actually help set this outstanding program with enough leeway to be used for decades to come.

I am 65 years old (June 23rd, 1952) I am in excellent health with the energy of Hercules


NOTE: I did have just a couple of “glitches” with the application with one of those glitches being starting salary in 1979 and ending salary now.


I sincerely request Kaiser look into this hire with the understanding of what I can provide and how I can provide it



Philip Peter Princetta D.C.