Iodine Patch Test

Iodine Patch Test

The thyroid gland (located at the front base of the neck) furnishes energy to every cell in the body. Its’ proper function is dependent on two trace minerals iodine and manganese. Of the two, iodine is the most essential for proper thyroid function and health.

iodine patch 150x150 Iodine Patch Test

Applying 2% brown tincture of iodine to your skin is the most efficient and economical method of determining metabolic iodine deficiency. It is a “test” as well as a “treatment”.

If the brown stain fades in 24 hours or less, it indicates there is not sufficient iodine to normalize thyroid secretion to the cell. Even if you are taking pharmaceutical thyroid medication, lack of iodine will prevent your body from properly utilizing it. By following the instructions below, when the faded brown stain is apparent after 24 hours, your thyroid will more likely be able to function normally.  If you are taking thyroid medication, you may be able to reduce the dosage immediately; over a period of several months; or stop taking it altogether method of application use the applicator rod to apply the 2% tincture of iodine to the underside of the wrist, the upper thigh or the lower abdomen.

“Paint” a 3”by 3” square patch. apply as often as you notice the iodine is absorbed and the skin is clear, rotating areas of application each time.  For instance, if absorption occurs in 2 hours, reapply then if it occurs in 4, 6 or 8 hours—reapply whenever you notice the skin is clear. When you eventually notice a faded brown spot after 12 hours check in another 12 hours.  If your skin is clear after 24 hours continue application once a day until stain is apparent after 24 hours recheck iodine absorption every month.  The objective of the frequent applications is to accomplish the 24 hour “slight stain” as quickly as possible, rather than to continue applying over a several month period of time.  Note: i have had many patients who absorb the iodine anywhere from 5-15 minutes after they apply it.  This indicates severe iodine deficiency and as a result a malfunctioning thyroid gland.